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How It Works

Step One - Distribute

Customers can easily download your Punch Card to their Mobile Wallet on iPhone, Android or Windows phones.

Step Two - Notify

Customers receive custom lock screen notifications when they come near your predefined location.

Step Three - Validate

Customers present their loyalty card at checkout for validation in order to receive a punch or points on their card.

Step Four - Reward

Once a customer has reached the campaign goal, they automatically receive a mobile reward in their mobile wallet.

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No App or Website Required

Our Loyalty Programs stand alone and work on Apple, Android and even Windows smartphones – NO APP REQUIRED. As long as your customer has a smartphone and internet access (wi-fi or mobile data) they can use your Loyalty Program. We utilise Mobile Wallet technology which is becoming standard on most new smartphones. If your customer has yet to install it they will be prompted to do so. No more printing costs for cards!

Easy to Join

Your customers can easily join your Mobile Loyalty Program. They simply scan a QR code or download from a link, enter some quick details – like their name and email address and that’s all there is to it. If they don’t have a wallet app installed they will be prompted to do so. Simple to join, simple to access – the keys to a great experience for both your customers and you, and we’re handing them to you on a plate.

Stamp Card or Loyalty Points - Your Choice

Your customers collect stamps or punches on their mobile loyalty card every time they visit your premises and make a purchase. Once they have collected a pre-defined number of stamps they are automatically notified that they have a reward waiting and can come back to claim their reward.  There are no expensive cards to keep buying  as it’s all done virtually – on a smartphone. You control the number of stamps and the rewards and it can all be changed instantly. Customers cannot abuse the system as only staff members with the appropriately authorised technology can mark off visits.

Get A Mobile Wallet Loyalty Programme For Your Business

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This is why every business NEEDS a mobile wallet loyalty program.


15% of a business’s most loyal customers account for 55-70% of its total sales

(Source: Center For Retail Management)


84% of shoppers engage with a mobile device before or while shopping

(Source: Marketing Land)


Returning customers spend on average 67% more than first-time customers



Relevant messaging increases conversions by 4x

(Source: Localytics Data)


Push notifications boost engagement by 88%

(Source: Localytics Data)


60% of consumers want to receive real-time promotions and offers

(Source: Accenture)


57% of shoppers engage with location-based ads

(Source: Marketing Land)


46% of consumers say they’re grateful for push notifications for relaying important / timely information

(Source: BI Intelligence)


69% of consumers are influenced by loyalty / rewards programs

(Source: Forrester)

Single or Multi-Location Support

Whether you are a single person operation or a multi-location chainyou can use our Mobile Wallet Loyalty solution. You can set up one or many different offers for just one business location, or different offers for your different locations. Let us set up targeted geo-fences to lure your customers back time and again by placing your offers directly in front of them at the most beneficial times.

Fraud Prevention

We completely understand the need for security in running your Mobile Wallet Loyalty Programme and you need have no fears on that score with us. Your customers cannot access their accounts themselves and  can only view the pass on their phones. This just shows the progress of their stamps/punches or points earned and any rewards they have qualified for. Only you or your staff can add points or stamps and only then with a properly authorised device, thus drastically reducing the opportunities for fraud and enabling you to keep an eye on any possible misbehaviour.

Get A Mobile Wallet Loyalty Programme For Your Business

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